Moyo Monitor 

By Trish Kanana

The Moyo Monitor prototype is a speculative wearable device with two biosensors for heart rate and motion sensing. The device is intended to collect longitudinal Heart Rate Variability data which is then sent to The Tulia Band. This prototype compares two heart rate sensing methods - one being a photoplethysmography (PPG) signal and the other an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal. A PPG sensor “uses a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow as controlled by the heart’s pumping action”(NeuroSky 2015). While an ECG sensor “measures the bio-potential generated by electrical signals that control the expansion and contraction of heart chambers”(NeuroSky 2015). The Moyo Monitor  that uses the PPG sensor also uses a3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing.  

Prototype Development 

Heart rate sensor pad connections 

BPM test reading on Arduino with heart rate sensor

Microcontroller connected to a pulse sensor

BPM and IBI reading on Arduino with Pulse Sensor

Initial Cuff Prototype Construction - Front View  

Initial Cuff Prototype Construction - Back View 

Heartrate Sensing 

Motion Mapping 

Concept Development 

Body mapping possible placement of the wearable patch based on Clint Zeagler's work Where to Wear It : Wearable Technology BODY MAPS.

Moyo Patch and Tulia Band communication

Concept Ideation 

Design Customization 

Final Design

Afrofuturist Wearable Devices 

Moyo Patch final design

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