Tulia Band

By Trish Kanana

The Tulia Band prototype is a speculative wearable PTSD treatment. The band is intended to be a networked device connected to The Moyo Monitor that sends an alert when unusual Heart Rat Variability activity is detected. The Tulia Band is envisioned as a speculative self-directed PTSD treatment based on existing PTSD interventions. The prototype has three different modes based on existing PTSD treatments which include:

➢ EMDR treatment which is a type of psychotherapy that encourages patients to briefly focus on the trauma memory while simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation such as rapid eye movements to reduce vividness of the memory (Maxfield et al. n.d.). 

➢ Breathing Retraining is taught by a therapist to help patients manage distress and anxiety and works by taking a breath and exhaling very slowly to calm the patient (Wilson, Friedman, and Lindy 2012).The band is also designed as a proximity sensor so when two users are close to each other the band sends an alert using haptic vibration and an ambient light turns on.

Concept Development 

Ideation mindmap for prototype development 

Design Evolution

Design Influence 

Prototype Development

Haptic Feedback Testing





Pressure Sensing Testing

Pressure sensing with foam, copper tape and Velostat

Pressure sensing output multicolor LEDs

Pressure sensing with felt, Conductive fabric and Resistive fabric

Pressure sensing output multicolor LEDs

Prototype Features

Three modes based on existing PTSD treatments

Switch Activation

Prototype Construction

Initial 3D printed and Felt Casing 

Final 3D Printed Casing

3D Model Evolution 


Initial 3D Model

2nd Iteration 3D Model

Final 3D Model

Final Design 

Design Features 

Symbolism and How it works 

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