Wearable Technology

Features wearable projects including 'Vibrating Knee Brace' a wearable knee brace to help manage pain during workouts; 'Music Festival Headband' a wearable that lights up in response to music 'The Networking Bracelet' a wearable bracelet. 

Vibrating Knee Brace

The vibrating knee brace is a prototype designed for very mild exercise such as walking and post-workout stretches. The knee brace has four modes which are indicated by the light emitted from a circuit playground express microcontroller. The brace has four vibration motor modules two are located on the top strap of the knee brace and the other two on the bottom.

Music Festival Headband

The music festival headband is a wearable device that is designed to light up the world of the wearer the idea is to capture the attention of the people that surround the user. The headband has a sound sensor that captures the beats of the music to light up the LEDs insync with the music, when the music is off the headband doesn’t light up.

The Networking Bracelet

The networking bracelet  is a wearable device that helps students identify employers and recruiters during in-person networking events. The wearable is designed to communicate information without any verbal cues. The bracelet has three different animation modes and colours to represent students, recruiters and employers

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