Physical Computing

Features electronic prototypes including 'Touch Music' conductive wine bottles designed to light up a screen with a visualiser that moves to the beat of the music; 'Karibu Kenya' which translates from Swahili to 'Welcome to Kenya'; 'The Emoting Lamp' is a creative computing experiment that utilizes remote sensing, emotions, and light. 

Touch Music

Touch Music is designed to bring music to life using the sense of touch. It is made using wine bottles, some beaded jewellery that adds to my Kenyan culture, ribbon and spiral conductive wire. The idea behind using a wine bottle is because it has the feel of a mic and as someone is interacting with it they can hold it up like a mic and have their own at home karaoke session.

Karibu Kenya

Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya) is an interactive installation that showcases some of the handmade products made in Kenya and also tells the story of some of the culture. Light is one thing that we use on a daily basis and in this installation I incorporated different colour LEDs to represent different meanings. Red is for the people, green for the environment and blue for the water bodies. 

Emoting Lamp

The Emoting Lamp is group project that is a creative computing experiment that utilizes remote sensing, emotions, and light. Designed as a two-person interaction, this project is comprised of two lamps which aim to mimic the non-verbal auras and cues exchanged during in-person communication. When one person’s mood changes, they approach the lamp and press the button. This will send a signal to the other person’s lamp, which will change colours, and will signal to the other person that their partner’s mood has shifted.

2023 - Designed by Trish Kanana
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