‘She Is Not Alone!’ 

Afrofuturist Wearable Devices For Speculative PTSD Treatment in Kenya

A Master of Design Thesis by Patricia (Trish) Mwenda

"She is not Alone!" Afrofuturist Wearable Devices For Speculative PTSD Treatment in Kenya is a graduate thesis project developed as a part of my Master of Design (MDes) in Digital Futures at OCAD University. It aims to explore the potential of speculative wearable technology to revolutionize treatment for female-identifying domestic abuse survivors in Kenya suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

The project delves into the development of two wearable devices aimed at aiding female-identifying domestic abuse survivors in Kenya with self-directed PTSD treatment and self-tracking of mental health and well-being. The  first device, called Moyo Monitor (Heart Monitor), is a self-tracking wearable designed to monitor heart rate sensing and motion mapping, allowing users to continuously track their mental and physical health. The second device, called Tulia Band (Calm Band), is a self-directed PTSD treatment wearable that incorporates features from existing PTSD interventions. Both devices are integrated through Bluetooth technology and work in unison to communicate with each other. 

The Prototypes

Tulia Band-Tulia translates to Calm

The Tulia Band design inspiration is based on the Kenya Bracelet which has the colors of the Kenyan flag. 

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Moyo Patch-Moyo translate to Heart

The Moyo Patch design inspiration is based on African body art and a microcontroller layout design. 

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Tulia Tu Band-Wearable Band

Tulia Tu Band functions as a symbol to raise awareness of domestic abuse and mental health.

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Demo Video

The wearable devices draw design inspiration from Kenyan culture and themes situated within Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism frameworks, which aim to convey symbolism of empowerment for female-identifying domestic abuse survivors and in a much larger context highlight the importance of raising awareness of mental health and domestic abuse in Kenya. 

This project is a part of OCAD University Digital Futures graduate thesis exhibition, DUAL EXPOSURE.
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